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About Artist Lee, Jin Hyu


Artist Lee Jin Hyu is a person with a unique career.


He ventured into the world, starting to stand independently from a young age, and has always been accompanied by art.


Based on his exceptional life experience in the Middle East as a young adult, he devoted himself to the art activities of a long journey in Spain.


He is actively working in South Korea, China, and Singapore.


As his works show, he always lives as a stranger. He is an artist who seeks freedom.


The main content of the works to be exhibited this time is the “Donde Voy” immigrants’ joys and dreams.


The expression “Aren’t we all strangers?, Where do I go now” is an introduction to the exhibition of the works, including objects, media, and LEDs on flat drawings.


It induced a trend to bring the mechanism of modern art close.


Artist Lee Jin Hyu was born in Seoul, Korea, and graduated from the University of Madrid, Spain.


He had over 37 solo exhibits in Seoul, Spain, Singapore, and other countries. Also, he participated in a private exhibition in ARCO Spain and Basel and over 350 shows, including Biennale and other group exhibitions.


Artist Lee Jin Hyu was invited as a Korean representative artist to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Argentina.


In celebration of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Spain, he was also invited as a representative Korean Artist.


J&J Art aims to introduce such a great Korean artist to the world.


These are the reason I applied for the feature exhibit artist at LA Art Show.


Jinny Suh.

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