J & J Inc. is an artist promotion company based in Los Angeles .

We identify emerging artists, and through a professional management system, prepare them for the international art scene. 

Our goal is to create and provide a framework for artists to succeed globally.


Additionally, with a variety of businesses, J & J Inc. develops art collaborations, licensing, and artist promotions.

J&J Art Inc. was founded in 2018.
We focus on promoting contemporary art through a variety of works, from contemporary formative art to the purest abstract art.
We are taking the lead in promoting new and emerging artists from South Korea and abroad to promote them in many different venues.

Constantly, we are introducing a variety of artworks from Korean artists and American artists and trying to expand the possibilities of Korean art through various art fairs including oversea.
In addition, we are trying to collaborate with many artists with known upscale art-related companies to create many different events and art exhibits.
J & J Art Inc. will always do our best to be the leader in the art world.