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Dong Yun Kang.jpg

Dong Yun Kang

Mother-of-pearl paintings are my language and small gestures that breathe with the energy of Mother Nature.


I put the energy of love, gratitude, abundance, and happiness here. Through this painting, I hope that the people who are with me will purify their minds and spirits, stabilize their minds, and become a medium to drive away turbid energy.


Mother-of-pearl painting is a genre of art that is modern and can be used worldwide while maintaining the value of the brilliant beauty of natural mother-of-pearl by breaking away from our unique tradition of mother-of-pearl lacquerware based on photography work that has been done since college. It is a painting for healing that was born in the process of making.


My mother-of-pearl painting captured the energy of love and happiness delivered by adding my little sincerity to the symbolism of abundance, prosperity, birth, resurrection, and regeneration bestowed on mother-of-pearl, which accepts and embraces everything from a low and low place, is a new creation.


It would be to dye Mother Nature with the light of another life. How happy would it be to be a spiritual companion who always accompanies you on the path of life where you want to live a prosperous and happy life and always brings abundance and good fortune?

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